General Forum Rules

#1. Please respect the SKTTC forum rules and community members.  Insulting, or being uncivil to other members will lead to a warning or even ban.

#2. Members who disobey forum rules will be warned or banned depending on what moderators or administrators believe is the appropriate punishment.

#3. Forum rules can be changed and updated at any time. New and (or) updated rules will be posted here.

Posting Rules

All topics must be submitted to relevant forum. Topics submitted to non-relevant forum will be removed.

#2. Topic titles must be descriptive. For example, good topic title is "How to block top spin on back hand", and bad topic title is "Help Me". Topics with non-descriptive titles will be removed without any explanation.

#3. No shouting or ALL UPPER CASES in topic titles or descriptions is allowed. Do not post topics like "Please HELP ME!!!". These topics will be removed.

#4. Bumping is allowed provided that the reply has relevant information that is useful to the continuance of the topic. Posting messages like "bump" or similar is not allowed.

#5. Do not resubmit same questions to different categories. Double posts will lead to a warning (or ban later).

#6. Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive or shocking, unless it is posted in an educational sense.

#7. Posting topics about confirmation emails is not allowed. Please contact support desk if you did not receive confirmation email.

#8. Posting topics about inaccessible website or service is not allowed. If you believe website is down, please contact support desk.

#9. All posts need to be in English language. Posts in other languages can be deleted. Please use English language when asking for help, or use local sub-forum (if available) to discuss in your native language. Updated on 2009-02-06

Private Messaging Rules

It's not allowed to send support requests via private messages to any member from administrators group. Please post all support requests on message board, or use support desk. Sending support requests to administrators via private messages will lead to a warning and possible ban.

Warnings System

All members (including administrators and moderators) will receive a warning after violating ANY of these rules above. 3 warnings will lead to automatic account ban.

Thank You,